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one thing I LOVE about the "new" bump

ever since they did the new layout a few weeks ago, I can access it from my cell phone... one thing I hate, is that I feel as if I hardly respond, because I can only write from my computer and not from my phone.  Since I am constantly reading up, I forget to check in on my laptop and thus feel a little out of touch.  Even though a lot of you are my fb friends and many are my IRL friends, I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here and try to check in every once in a while =]


Re: one thing I LOVE about the "new" bump

  • Yay- we miss you on here too, but I'm glad I can catch up on my Char stories everyday! <3
  • Awww, we love you Kris! That happens to me on weekends. I don't have much time to respond but read fast and get caught up. *smooches*
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  • There's a new format??? I have to check on this! I never get on here any more unless it's late at night and I remember to, if it finally lets me post on my phone I can become a regular again lol!
  • Ooh it does work!
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