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My name is Connie and I just wanted to introduce myself! I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with our first. We're beyond thrilled but still in a bit of disbelief! (Does it ever really sink in? haha!) We don't know the gender yet, we'll be finding out in a couple of weeks! Yay!!

I live in Fort Lauderdale with my hubbs, but I work in Boca. I'm a graphic designer and I really love what I do. I'm sure motherhood will be quite an inspiration for me!! I can't wait to start making pretty things for our baby! I already started working on 2 scrapbooks! haha!

I'm now in my second trimester and I've finally started to feel so much better. The first trimester was really tough... I think I had every symptom in the book! I'm so glad to finally start feeling somewhat back to normal. For all of you still dealing with the first tri woes, there IS light at the end of the tunnel! Relief awaits! It will get better!! :)

I've been reading this board for a while and you all seem so nice and so knowledgeable! I was on theKnot a couple of years ago when I was planning my wedding and I recognize a few of you! I really look forward to getting to know everyone! :)


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