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Parking vent

Why do people insist on parking in the spaces that say parking for expectant mothers and/or for those with young children when they don't have children?!!!!!

I went to HT today and from a distance saw the spot for those with young children was open so I headed towards it.  As I got close this skeevie looking guy parks his car in the spot.  Mind you he had no child in the car and not even a car seat.  I tried to get a glimpse and I don't think he even had a wedding ring on.  I just glared at him.  The worst part about it is that the spot directly across from it was open and that was not labeled for those with children!  Why does he think it's okay to park in that spot?

This also isn't the first time I've seen people do this.

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Re: Parking vent

  • Augh, I am so with you there especially being 8 months pregnant in this heat!  It totally grates me!
  • That guy was VERY important, and he was doing VERY important things.  Didn't you know that?  Gees.  He HAD to park there so he could be close to the building - and did I mention, he's VERY important!

    That's what I think people think.  They figure, it's not like there is any monitoring of those spaces.  They can't get a ticket or get arrested.  Screw all those families with small children and pregnant ladies.  Why do they get a special spot.  I'm VERY important!



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  • A gentleman at his finest ;) That pisses me off too, people are so rude these days.
  • That's when you take out your BEST tube of lipstick and write ASSHAT all over his windows!!! Wink  (yes, that is the rash, hormonal response)
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  • Last time I saw a guy do that, I wrote a not so nice note to put on his windshield ... I wasn't waiting for a space, just DH, but yeah, that pisses me off too!
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