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Second time around - New RE - all of the same tests again?!

When making these appointments the appt setter is making it sound like we're going to have to REDO all of the tests we did the first time around. Did you have to?

We have new insurance, live in a new area of the country (although I have my records) and I know EXACTLY what's wrong with I really really REALLY have to undergo all of these tests again when the result is going to be THE EXACT SAME?!

Can't I just tell them I want to do a few monitored cycles of a clomid-type drug before undergoing all of those tests again?!

Re: Second time around - New RE - all of the same tests again?!

  • We had to re-do some tests - I had an SHG done, DH had another SA, and I got b/w and an u/s even though we know from the first time around that I have pcos and DH has some MFI!
  • Mine didn't but we got the Vegas doctor to forward records to the NM doc and include a summary of care.  My new doc loved it this way b/c we didn't waste our time redoing things but he didn't just have to take our word for it either.
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  • I had to redo all the tests again for insurance purposes, or else they wouldnt cover it. I was with the same RE and still had to do everything again. I was back at the RE when DS was 4 months old, but didnt cycle again until he was 7 months old because I had to redo all the tests and then wait on insurance approval. It sounds pretty normal to me. Good luck!! I am sorry this is taking longer than you thought!
  • Ditto MrsS.  New insurance means going through the testing and authorization process again before they cover it.  It sucks and I am sorry you are going to have to wait longer.
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