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s/o toddlers post about TTC

I always laugh a little to myself when people talk about TTC and planning the month their LO's will be born.  Of course I only wish them the best, but I do find it funny.  As if it's so easy to get PG. 

For us, the stars have to be aligned perfectly, my egg must be the proper amount of maturity, DH's sperm must be perfectly shaped and go into the proper fallopian tube with the right movement, the IUI timing must be within a certain window which will change cycle to cycle, and God must come down from heaven and make it so.

No "I removed my IUD, I can't wait to be a June 2010 mommy!  Teehee!!"

I wouldn't wish IF on anyone.  I just find it cute how ignorance must be bliss. :)

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Re: s/o toddlers post about TTC

  • LOL!!  Most days I could have written this myself.  Like the Mommy's planning who will be their labor buddies next month once they are KU.  That thread cracked me UP.

    Part of me is very glad they have no idea how hard it can be.  It's kind of like watching a small child.  They are completely innocent to just how savage IF can be.  Another part of me almost wishes they would have a taste of what it is like though so that they don't take this whole breeding thing for granted.

    Mostly I just shake my head and laugh at them. Big Smile

  • Lol I still say I would prefer not to have a baby in December or January, but if thats when they are given to me and it ends my IF struggle then heck yes let em' be born whenever.

    It's crazy how much people take pregnancy for granted. Somedays I wish they could have a taste of it just so they value what they have more. Hope that doesn't sound cruel, but I have an ex-sil and she had had 4 abortions and 2 kids... that bugs me..

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  • Oh I know... I remember thinking like that once upon a time Embarrassed  I get a little jealous of people like that now.  It was so funny this time b/c I had always wanted October babies and was beyond thrilled that the stars aligned for the cupcakes... of course it would take a MIRACLE for them to be born in October.  Oh well Stick out tongue
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