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Well, tested today on a Dollar tree test and it was a BFN, I could see a hint of a line, if I held it up to the light just right, so I am sure it is still neg.  because I have been able to see that before on the dollar tree tests, we will wait a couple days and try again. 
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  • LuckyHLuckyH
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    Bummer.  How many DPO are you?
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  • According to your ticker you are still very early...dont give up hope yet!!! Good luck!!!
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  • Dang it!!!!!!!!  I was really hoping. It is still early but still what a bummer.
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  • CHI-06CHI-06
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    It really is still early!  Give it a few days and try again!  I know it still sucks to see that blank stick though :(  I'm sorry....
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  • I'm sorry.  Maybe it's still too early.  I'm keeping my hopes up for you!
  • Well if you maybe saw a light line and you are still early...maybe you will get a dark line in a few days. Hoping for you, and keep positive.
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  • I'm sorry:o(

    But it is early, so I'm still hoping for you!

  • Until AF arrives there is always hope !!!  Or that's what everyone tells me :)  Finger and toes crossed for you Hon!
  • Don't count yourself out just yet!

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