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Hey there!

I just saw your post RE: FET/IVF.

It sounds like you have great insurance coverage so that is definitely a step in the right direction (hopefully, though, after tomorrow you won't need it!).  My clinic starts at about 11K with meds 2-4K

CHI pretty much summed everything up.  I think the only difference that i had was that they used twilight anesthesia for me.  I wasn't totally out....just out of it.  Every clinic has its own little twist.

I think it is a scary decision to move forward with, but the best one you will ever make.  It is also great that you have a very supportive husband. The whole process seems like a long time, but once you start the lupron, etc. it goes by quickly.  Clinics usually have monitoring appts. very early in the am (mine were at 7:30), so i really didn't have to miss work much that week.

I know that you will probably have a million ??? about this, so don't hesitate to ask!  Also, another board that i found extremely helpful is ivfconnections.com   They have local boards and you may even find someone who has cycled at your clinic.

Good Luck.....and i hope i wrote this all for nothing and you have great news tomorrow. 


Re: ***DSU98***

  • Thank you so much!!!!  You are so sweet.  I will definately check into that website.  I have an appt. in Aug. and the RE sounds like we would not transfer until Nov.  So we have some more time to try and get BFP on our own too. 

    Yes, I will let you know tomorrow how my test turns.  I have no symptoms, so I am sure it will not be good news even though I will be praying.  Thank you so much.

    By the way...  OH MY you have the cutest DD ever that picture is so adorable!!!

    Alyssa born 6/14/05 at 8 lbs 2oz - Ashley born 3/27/10 at 6 lbs 13oz
    We had 2 years of IF trying to conceive #2 and one loss during that time. We are currently trying for #3! had another loss the end of June
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