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Need some good vibes...

I rarely ask for any positive thoughts but I have an appointment tomorrow to start over this whole medicated process. We have new insurance so I have to, VERY UNFORTUNATELY, have to start FROM THE BEGINNING (ie: convincing an OB that we need help and not anything they can provide, etc, etc, all know the road I'm headed down...).

We have VERY VERY corporate insurance (when you call the make an appointment, its through an automated system - you never speak to a ever. There's a kiosk to "check in" where you basically scan barcodes and then sit in an empty, sterile room until someone comes and retrieves you). All of that said, I have a lot of negative anticipation for what is coming towards us in the matter of "care available".

I'm on some crazy day like CD 43 or something and no sign of the wicked B I so wish for.

Anyway, if you have any extra positive thoughts around, I'd love them. I pray for, think of, and send positive thoughts to everyone's journey on here - honestly, I think of you all (and all of my TTTC'er gals from a million years ago HA!) everyday...I know we have some wicked positive energy around these parts. I just need to rub off on the magic positivity dust to ensure tomorrow is faced with a smile and positive outlook.


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  • Well you have some coming from me Hon!!

    I hope that the appointment goes well.  Go in there and kick butt!  You know what your issues are and you know what you want so don't let the OB railroad you into months of crap first. 

    Let us know how it went!

  • GL!!!!!!!!  Were you able to get any records or any letters from old doctors?  I really hope it goes well.  I equate most health insurance companies with Satan Devil  I understand why you are nervous.  Just go in there w/confidence and kick some a**!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You're going to do great.  Stand your ground and tell them your issues.  Don't let them brush you off.  Be your own advocate.  Good luck and let us know how it goes.  You have good thoughts coming your way... 
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  • Good luck!  I hope it all works out...
  • Hopefully you'll be back with good news....I have my fingers crossed for you!

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