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Middle name for Griffin?

So I'm not pregnant, but we plan on TTC in October and I love the name Griffin...but DH isn't sold on it yet.  Any suggestions for middle names?  We don't really have any family names that we want to use, and DS's name is Noah Joseph, and Joseph is DH's middle name.

My middle name is Leigh, so I don't think Griffin Lee sounds bad, but just looking for more suggestions! 

Re: Middle name for Griffin?

  • Griffin Lee is cute!

    Just out of curiosity, have you discussed a girl's name?

  • the first ones i thought of were James, Alexander, William, Michael.

    and i agree Lee isn't bad.

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  • kagjagkagjag
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    Initial instinct was Griffin Michael.

  • image StephanieHicks:

    Griffin Lee is cute!

    Just out of curiosity, have you discussed a girl's name?


    We have!  When I was pregnant with DS, before we found out it was a boy, we liked Avery.  I still like that, but I think it's getting more popular, so I'm not sure if we'll stick with it if we end up having a girl.  I also like Audrey, Meredith, Ameila, and Corinne.  Although I get hung up on Corrine because although DH and I both like it I get picky about pronuciation and I'm not sure if people would say it as  Kah-ryn, Kur-ryn.  And I'm not sure what's right!

  • erinmserinms
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    I like Griffin Lee a lot.
    I also like Griffin James, Griffin Henry, Griffin Luke.?
  • Absolutely love Griffin Lee, and I like Avery Leigh for a girl.  Other options:

    Boys: Griffin Drew

    Girls: Anna Leigh,  Annalise _____


  • I have a family friend named Griffin Elon, but I'm sure Elon is probably a family name.
  • I don't think Griffin "goes" with Noah. Noah is a classic Biblical name and Griffin is a last name. 
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