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Speech/development question

My son is one, and has had some sensory issues since birth (he had torticollis and his PT noticed this...).  That coupled with the fact that he's not slightly reserved (compared to his twin sister) and a family history of ASD (my nephew has asperger's) has always made me hyperaware of ASD signs.

He's 12.5 months, 11.5 adjusted, and he's not gesturing yet at all.  No pointing, no waving.  He'll engage you, and he'll play hide and seek with his sister under the cribs and yuk it up, and play chase with me and his dad, but he won't initiate peek-a-boo (though he thinks it's funny if you do it), and he won't hand you something if you ask him to.   But, he says "No", "agua" (spanish for water -- nanny speaks only spanish), and "dada".  So, he's responsive, and enjoys being around people, but he doesn't really seek interaction all that often.

 Am I being hypersensitive because I'm too familiar with ASD in my own family?  He's always hit his gross-motor milestones slightly late, too -- sitting alone at 7 months, pulling up at 9.5 months, etc...  Does this raise any red flags to you guys, or should I just wait it out a bit and see if he catches up?

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  • I am not an expert at all, but he doesn't sound that far behind.  What does your pedi think?
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  • I have a twin neice and nephew who do a lot of what you described.

    SIL asked the dr. becuase she was worried. The dr. said as long as they loved the interaction they were probably fine just a little bit behind developmentally from being so early.

    I'd keep a close eye on it and maybe ask your dr. if you're really concerned. Every baby grows differently and yours doesn't seem all that far behind.

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  • I was making the same kinds of observations in DD at that age- a couple of words, participated in play when engaged, but didn't really seek it out. She also didn't really respond to her name or simple commands. By 15 months, i started becoming concerned when things weren't developing, and at 18 months I got the process going with her doc. She was just diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 21 months. That's my daughter, though... remember, every kid is different, and your DS may just be on his own leisurely pace. Do keep an eye on him to see if those skills develop in the coming months, rhough. I don't think it's necessarily a red flag if they're not there now, but it's something to look out for.

    The great thing is, you're doing an awesome job of watching for all those little signs early on that so many parents may miss, which means if he does need any help, you'll be getting it for him WAYYY sooner than most kids.

    Good luck!!


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  • Those are things I would keep an eye on, but it is probably a tad early to know for sure. Doesn't seem that behind to me. The gross motor skills are a little lagging, sounds like the way my ds was, but that in itself, doesn't mean anything unless there are other obvious and significant delays. 

    14-15 months is around the time doctor's start to look for signs, so give it a little time. It is good that he is playing hide n seek so young! And if at 14-15 months you are still worried, no harm and getting dc evaluated, even if your doctor doesn't see anything. Our "former" doctor didn't see anything and didn't see anything even after we brought up Autism to her at age 3, hence the "former" being quoted here.

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