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Major bleeding 3 weeks after c-section?

So for about a week after my c-section I had fairly minimal bleeding. Since then I've just had some discharge type stuff. But last night I started bleeding - a lot. It looked like someone was murdered in my bathroom and I was (sorry, TMI) humongous clots. It was so much that I actually had the MFM on call paged (given the nature of my pregnancy I was treated only by an MFM, no regular OB) at 4:30 this morning.

He said that your first post-partum AF can be very heavy, but what I described sounded excessive. Plus he said that it was awfully early for me to have AF, that it usually comes like 6 weeks post partum. Also, given "that it's me" he can't write it off (apparently I am officially infamous in the practice as the "if it can go wrong, it will go wrong" patient). He said to drink a lot of water and to call the office at 9:00 if the bleeding is still heavy. It's still heavy, but I haven't seen any clots since I've been awake, so I think I'll wait it out and see what happens. But did anyone else experience anything like this?

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Re: Major bleeding 3 weeks after c-section?

  • efooeyefooey member

    no CS for me and my PP bleeding was pretty normal, but after my m/c I had something similar.  Bleeding went on for a while an then some clots/tissue and the bleeding picked up again.  Not suggesting you had a m/c but maybe the clots were preventing other bleeding and once they got loose the bleeding picked up again.

    Just a thought.

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  • I was told my by perinatologist that the bleeding can vary. Like you might think it's almost done and then the next day you could be bleeding more again. I was told that it typically takes about 6 weeks to be finished with the bleeding.

    Also, I think I remember reading that you wanted to start exercising. Well, if you have, that might also be the cause for the increase in bleeding. I was told that if I'm more active on a certain day, that might cause me to bleed more. In my case, the more active I was, the more I would end up bleeding.

    Good luck!

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  • I had several episodes of heavy bleeding (so much so I called my OB in a panic thinking I was hemorrhaging).  Most of the time I had so little bleeding I didn't even wear a panty liner but those few episodes were scary.  My OB told me that after giving birth, your uterus contracts to go back to it's pre-baby size.  As it does this, it can squeeze out extra blood.
  • It took me about 5 weeks.  Had a few days of nothing and then I got my first AF at 6 wks.


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  • That you are having big time bleeding doesn't surprise me as much as that it is this soon and you are pumping. I think I got my first period about 12 weeks out... literally like 2 days after I stopped pumping.  I bled a TON too. ick.
  • imageSpockles:

    Also, I think I remember reading that you wanted to start exercising. Well, if you have, that might also be the cause for the increase in bleeding. I was told that if I'm more active on a certain day, that might cause me to bleed more. In my case, the more active I was, the more I would end up bleeding.

    Ditto this. I thought my bleeding was really slowing down, but then it picked up again. (nothing major, but definitely an increase) At my 6 week OB appt, he said that it was probably due to an increase in activity.  (I wasn't even exercising, just doing more than I had been.)
  • I was going to ask if you'd been more active too.

    With that said, I had some massive bleeding like that around 8wks pp and it was due to a tear that wasn't caught when I gave birth. In your case maybe your csection stiches are giving you some grief on the inside?

    Probably better safe than sorry in this case. I think I'd still call and be seen.  Those babies need a healthy momma.  :)

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  • I had a c/s with twins and had very little bleeding by the time we left the hospital (7 days). When I got home, the bleeding did increase especially the 3 week PP timeframe. I was told call for golf ball sized clots or going through more than one pad/hour.

    Also, with multiples remember that your uterus was stretched alot more than a single baby.

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  • one more thing.. my periods since the boys were born are all MUCH heavier than they used to be.. thats for sure!
  • I was still having a lot of bleeding and big clots three weeks out. ?It didn't stop until the four-week mark. ?But it didn't look like anyone was murdered.

    I'm glad you called your MFM.?

  • A friend of mine had some big clots and heavy bleeding around that time and she developed some kind of infection and had to go into the hospital.  Definitely go in and get it checked out.
  • i had a ton of bleeding up until about 4-5 weeks pp...but it was consistent, personally i would go in..going the better safe than sorry route ;) 

    good luck lady! 

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  • At 2 weeks pp, I felt like crap.....chills and sweats and then HEAVY bleeding. Like you described, it was scary. I called my OB and the nurse said it sounded like I over did it. She said increased activity would do that, and my body was telling me to slow back down. I figured I was good to go, but she said no.....I was cleared to do light activity....not a cleaning marathon!

    I hope that is all it is for you!

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