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Places to donate Stuffed animals and prom dresses??

Are there place where I can donate these things? My Mom went through her basement and pulled out my old prom dresses (and my sisters, which still look pretty darn good) And a bunch of stuffed animals. We were just wondering where you can donate them, Does Salavation Army take them? Or are there other places?

Re: Places to donate Stuffed animals and prom dresses??

  • There is a great charity that my friend works with for the prom dresses- the give them to girls that can't afford one for free, and host a "boutique" I will get you info ASAP.
  • Thanks! I was looking for something like that for the dresses. You can email me at MHWcheer at


    Put dresses in the subject line. I have a couple of things up on craigslist right now :).

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     they take prom dresses and gives them to girls that can't afford them.

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  • Not sure where you are in MI, but I take all our stuffed animals to POH in Pontiac.  My daughter had her tonsils out there a few years ago and they gave her a donated stuffed animal before she went in to is truly her very favorite to this day and she's 11 now :)  I would call their main line and ask if they need any....they were sooo grateful last time we dropped some off.  I think they had us drop them off in the ER last time we went.

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