f/u to the bottles vent

As far as I'm concerned the doc can suck it.  As much as we've been there for sick kids (mostly ds) the past few months, DH & I are just exhausted... and he pulls the bottle thing out of his ass at a sick visit.  It's annoying.  Yes, we know, wean soon.  But not today, sorry.  And he actually ordered DH to stop giving him bottles asap.  Maybe if he'd dropped it casually as a reminder "and don't forget we rec. dropping the bottle between 15-18m if he still takes one" I wouldn't be so ticked off.

I wish our regular pede would come back from his 3 month flipping vacation.

 Ok vent over.  bla bla, wha.  I know.  It's been a long week already. Stick out tongue

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