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$60 Lifejacket Focus Group 14-15YO MALES (Ann Arbor, MI)-->

Recently received this email.  Don't know any 14-15YO males, but maybe some of you do... Thought I'd pass it along.


$60 Lifejacket Focus Group 14-15YO MALES (Ann Arbor, MI)-->

Thank you for your interest in our recent life jacket study. I am emailing you to see if you have or know of a 14-15 year old male youth that may be available this week to participate in our youth life jacket study. He would receive $60 for his participation. It will take less than an hour and will be held at a local Ann Arbor pool. Please register here, if interested:

Applied Safety and Ergonomics, Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI

More information about study -----

We are working with the U.S. Coast Guard to assess how children ages 6 to 15 years old might be able to use life jackets that are compact when dry and then inflate in the water. These types of jackets are called inflatable life jackets.

For our testing, we want to get a sense of how easy it is for children to use the life jackets - to put it on and then get in the water and allow it to inflate. These types of jackets have been around for use by adults. Now the USCG wants to get an idea of how they are for children 6-15 years old. So, for this study we are using commercially available jackets and watching people use them.

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