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Anyone know about state disability for maternity leave?


I work at a job but do not receive benefits (my husband has the benefits). I wondered if I can still claim state disability for maternity leave? I am not covered under FMLA because I will not have worked there a year by the time my child is born. I just started a few weeks ago.

I tried to find info online, but wasn't successful. Any advice would be appreciated!



Re: Anyone know about state disability for maternity leave?

  • FMLA is just a job protection- means that you are allowed to be off for 12 weeks during a 12 month time period and your employer must hold your position and senority.  Being that you won't qualify, it might be a good idea to talk to someone at your company to see their thoughts on the matter.  Legally, they could find a replacement for you during your leave.   

    As far as the short-term disability, Michigan does not offer anything for maternity leave.  You can buy your own plans- usually it's through work or there are some private companies too.  It sounds like you're pregnant already though, right?  If that's the case, then sadly, I don't believe you're left with many options.  I haven't heard of any policies that will add you after you are already pregnant.  Usually you have to hold the policy a full year before going out on maternity leave. 

    Sorry I don't have better news 

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  • I work for the federal government (and have for over 6 years now), and we do not have any maternity leave/short term disability etc. I am only able to take off whatever time I have accrued in my sick/personal leave bank if I want to be paid while I'm off and my service date won't change. If I want more time than that off (up to 6 months total paid/unpaid), I can choose to go unpaid, but will lose any senority for the weeks I'm off work unpaid.

     I don't know of any private plans that you can enroll in after you're already pregnant though, since it's a "pre-existing" condition.

    Good luck.

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