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Pre-natal classes

Wow, I can't believe how slow this board is Huh? Hopefully this will get some traction with you bumpies!

I'm in the Winter Park/College Park area and would love to find out about any pre-natal exercise classes, especially yoga and pilates. Any recs?


Re: Pre-natal classes

  • I know, so slow!

     No recs from me, I was a lazy bum during my pregnancy (so not going to be like that next kid!) so good for you :)

  • No but I'm looking for classes. I'm going to the gym 5-6 days a week and I'd love to break it up with yoga. Guruv offers classes but I kinda think 15 bucks a class is a wee bit steep.
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  • I've heard of a lot of ladies using PreNatal DVDs. I think the classes are kind of hard to find around Orlando area. I just go to the gym and do normal stuff so far. Maybe does your doctor's office have any suggestions?
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  • Try full circle yoga in Winter Park... 
  • There is a yoga studio in Winter Park called Full Circle.  I went to a few classes and really enjoyed them.  If it were closer to where I lived, I would have kept going.  There website is https://www.fullcircleyoga.com/


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