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Anyone near White Lake, Mi?

We are closing on a new house at the end of Aug and we are moving from Livonia to White Lake. I am trying to find a daycare and they seem scarce in  that. We are going to an openhouse at Tutor Time on Aug 11..anyone use that daycare or know about it? The director seemed very nice on the phone, so we will check it out.

 Also, any good restaurants, stores, etc in the area?

Re: Anyone near White Lake, Mi?

  • Hi there-

     I live in White Lake.  I am not sure about daycares in the area but I do know about stores and restaurants.  Where in White Lake are you moving?  On M-59 we have a newer Kohls and JCPenney.  We also have a Meijer, Walmart, Kroger and Kmart.  We have good restaurants.... Sparkies, Billys Tipin Inn, Applebees... M59 has a lot to offer!

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  • Thanks for your help! We are going to be off 59 and Bogie Lk Rd in a sub near there.

     Does the Walmart have groceries? Where do you grocery shop, the Meijer or the kroger? How far is a Target away? We also have a boat, is there a good lake for swimming that has public access? Also, do you know of any dog daycare / kennels for boarding in the area? Thanks again!

  • This is too funny!  We live off Bogie Lake Road by M59!  I do all of my gorocery shopping at Meijer because it is so close.  The Walmart down the street has some groceries but not a ton.  Target is about 15-20 minutes down M59 toward US23... not too far.  They just opened a HUGE dogpark just a few minutes away.  They have doggy daycare and boarding.  I have seen ads and it looks very nice.  I will look for the info in the morning and send it to you.  I grew up in White Lake.  I moved away for a few years (to Canton and Livonia) but this has always felt like my home.  I think you and your family will love it here!

     My email is [email protected]

     BTW your daughter is beautiful!

  • Target is at M59 & US23.  It's about 10 miles from bogie lake and M59.  I grew up in the area.  I live in fenton now.  The meijers is pretty nice there.  There is a good kennel a little bit away from you.  It in on hickory ridxge road and white tail lane called Caine Country Club.  It is in rose twp.  There are a lot of lakes in the area not sure which has public lake access for a boat.  We would go to kenningston or highland rec.  in fenton there are two huge lakes with public access (lake fenton and silver lake) but they are about 20 miles from you.
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  • Thanks so much, I just emailed you!
  • Thanks Tlc, I will check out the kennel you suggested!
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