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Gymnastics for 2 year old

My friend is looking for a gymnastics or some sort of activity class for her 2 year old girl and the YMCA in the area only takes kids 3yrs and older. 

Does anyone know of a place around Royal Oak, Birmingham, Southfield, etc area?

imageNicole Hanna 11-23-2010

Re: Gymnastics for 2 year old

  • CMM05CMM05 member

    Troy Gymnastics (on Maple between Coolidge and Crooks....) has a class for two year olds. They also have several nights/days when you can take 2 year olds for "open gym."

    I tried the class with my DS and I felt that it was way too structured for two year olds......but the class is 3 and under. All of the kids were girls and almost 3, so they were way more "advanced" than DS. But, the open gym is great. He can just run around and jump on the trampolines, etc.... 

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