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vent:I hate pumping

I HATE pumping! I think it is by far the most frustrating thing I have ever had to do.  I hate that my output varies daily.  Some days it's great and I get the 12 oz i need and other days I can only get 8 or 9 oz. I only have a few bags in the freezer left.   I have taken reglan and fenugreek.  Neither one had much of an effect.I guess I am going to try and find moremilk plus.   I only have 3 more weeks until I meet my goal of 6 months.  I just want to make it and then go from there.  Thanks for listening

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    I hated it, too. Mainly because I wasn't getting anything from doing it (literally - I would barely cover the bottom of the bottle). DS was born small, so the lactation consultant suggested I pump, nurse, and supplement with formula so that he was sure to gain weight. When I found that ds had no interest in breastfeeding (after doing all of this for 8 weeks), I gave it up.

    I think it's great that you've been able to breastfeed for this long. It is a totally frustrating experience when things do go as well as you'd hoped they would. Do what you feel will make you happy.

  • I am already dreading this. I hated doing this at work because:

    a) I had to lock myself in a stationery closet

    b) I think it's unsanitary pumping in an ICU

    c) I only have time for this on my breaks and I have to eat while I pump in the closet if I want any sort of food


    I feel your pain!?

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  • I hate pumping too.. I have to pump twice a day everyday even on days I am off in order to even hope to have enough to have for her for the days I work.. I do still have a decent freezer stash.. but its dwindling.. I too am just trying to get to 6 months.. Unfortunately I have even longer to go to get there.
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  • This scares me...

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    This scares me...

    Aren't you staying home abba?  You may have no need to pump.  I only pump because I have too much milk and I get engorged, leak profusely, choke my poor baby.  Otherwise, I really have no need to pump since I stay at home.

  • It helps to read something while you pump. 

    The nice thing about six months is that the baby starts eating regular food, so its no big deal if he/she suppliments with formula during the day and you get to breastfeed while together.

    As much as pumping sucked, I LOVED breastfeeding.  

    My darling daughter just turned 4 years old.
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