A little more details on 'the matching' & weekend w/ emom

Like I stated As of yesterday we are officially MATCHED!!

So excited STILL! Here's the details since I could not find my original post. & I just NEED to say the story once more .... don't worry it will be the condensed version.... & different since we met emom!

She's delivering a Baby Girl is due end of August but may come early!
We are cautiously optimistic.
We are now calling Lawyers setting up things for the birth- & finalizing the adoption.
 I'll be in the delivery room at the emom's request. She is only 5 hours away from us so when the time comes we'll drive. She has 3 other children  6, 5, & 3. Reason for placement is financial. B-father knows about plans to adopt& is ok with it. 
We met up w/ emom over this past weekend- she likes us obviously. We spent approx 5 hours at her house just talking & hanging out & seeing her kids- her kids are sooooo adorable, well behaved & emom is the best mom; I can tell she loves all her kids w/ her whole heart, we visited w/ her mom....and she's pretty cool... very dominant personality.  She is actually 5 years older than me eek! I thought that may not be good. I'm sure I was more sinsitive to it than they were. They are soooo relaxed & easy people. It was sooooo not like the inquisition.
We simply hung out. By their pool & ate lunch.  Emom was tired after the 5 hour visit; we excused ourselves; said we can stop by again tomorrow before we leave. Emom aggreed so we did stop by the next day. & we stayed for another 3 hours! When we drove home we gave emom & children a ride to sisters house so she did not have take the bus. We ended giving her a hug buy & she said we are 'probably the one" for her. She asked if I could call her; to make sure we got home safely. How sweet is that!
 OMG Meeting emom was the best! & I swear IF something goes wrong w/ this adoption ... it is going to be hard for the next emom to be as wonderful ..... the bar so to speak; is raised very high. ......... 
& yesterday chose us!!........ I've got the best emom ever!!!!
That's the condensed version.


Re: A little more details on 'the matching' & weekend w/ emom

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