If your DC is over 12 months

and you are still bf'ing, can you tell me your reasons? I think I would like to continue, and am just looking for other points of view.
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Re: If your DC is over 12 months

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    Personally, I still nurse because DS still gets emotional benefits and because of the health benefits. (We're hoping to avoid serious allergies and asthma.)

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    My minimum goal was the WHO recommendation of 2 years.  Toddlers still need to drink milk to full nutritional requirements, and it made more sense to me that it was my milk instead of milk from a cow.

    I also was introduced somehow to a child led weaning board on  I lurked there and read a lot about how letting a child decide when to wean can help with self confidence, comfort, etc.  Plus the nutritional benefits of bm continue as long as the child is nursing.

    I'm not truely following child led weaning anymore since I've been cutting out nursing sessions, but I'd like to let her decide when she's completely done.  She's nursing in the morning only now.

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    I'm not at 12 months until Saturday (yeah!) but have decided to continue BFing because (1) we both still really enjoy it, and I love, love, love the bonding time, (2) DS is still getting a lot of nutritional and health benefits from it (just ask the WHO), and (3) it's really easy. ?It's also part of his bedtime and weekend nap routine, but I am not sure whether I think that's a positive thing all the time. :)
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    My DD self-weaning at 27 months.  I nursed her past 12 months mostly b/c she was so attached to it, and I knew in my heart that she wasn't ready to wean.  There is a whole long list of medical benefits, but the main reason was just because it felt like the right thing for us.
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