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Another GTG?

Should we try to plan another GTG soon? I had fun at the last one!

How about either Thursday July 30th or Thursday August 6th?

Lets try troy this time so it is closer for more people.

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Re: Another GTG?

  • Sounds good!  I believe either day works for me- have to double check at home.  Troy works for me.  Just an FYI, but Melting Pot does ladies night every Thursday and they have tables for a larger party.  It's $20 for the cheese, salad and chocolate so a little more than an average dinner, but still not bad

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  • Renee - you have me craving the melting pot now! I am up for that place if everyone else is!
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  • Those dates both work for me...I would love to meet new people! 

     And Melting Pot sounds delish!

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  • July 30 would be great for me :) And Troy/Melting Pot is also fine!

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  • hopefully Max will be here by then so I won't be able to join you guys, but I will definitely come to the next one. Mmmmm Melting Pot, I might make by DH take me there this weekend for the "last date" before DS comes:-)

     Have fun! Last GTG was a blast

  • both dates work for me.  if i can get my dh to watch alex i can come.  i would love to meet new people.
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  • I'd love to attend, but I can't do August 6th.  I would prefer something less pricy than the Melting Pot but, if everyone else wants to go there, I guess I can deal.

  • July 30th works for me. I would love to try to make it this time!  :) 

    mmmm...Melting Pot!  :)

  • I just got an email for something I need to attend on the 30th. So if August 6th doesn't work for people than we can move it to Wed the 29th or suggest some other open dates. Sorry about that but it was a rescheduling for next week.
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  • That's fine- the 27th and 28th are the only days that don't work for me.  Although if we wanted to meet at the Melting Pot it has to be on a Thursday.  That's the only day of the week they do the ladies special
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  • The 6th is bad but, don't worry about me.  I will come to one eventually! :)
  • I have been lurking for a while on the Detroit boards but post on the community board (12-24 month board).  I would love to meet more moms in the area so this gtg idea sounds great.  I would love to go to The Melting Pot.  It is so yummy!
  • Ok, so scratch that comment about the ladies night special.  Found out that deal isn't really a deal- that's the normal price.  So any night works
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  • Renee- I was wondering that b/c I couldn't find it on their site and I know I used to get their emails about it! So want to try for Wed the 29th? or another? I can even do friday or saturday of that weekend.

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  • I went yesterday with my mom and was asking our waiter.  They call every Thursday ladies night and honor the drink specials.  Once a month they make a "special" girls night and this is the one they advertise.  For this they have raffles, bring in some type of entertainment (I went once when they had a magician).  But that $20 is the normal price, so it's not a special deal.

    Anyhow, I prefer the 29th.  I could do the 31st, but will be OOT the 1st

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  • 29th it is!

    I will post again Monday as a reminder!

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  • Saddness! I am leaving for North Carolina the following morning early, so I probably wont be able to make it, but enjoy some melting pot for me- YUM!
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