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st. mary mercy hospital in livonia

Has anyone delivered here? Heard anything bad or good? Just wondering. My doctor only delivers out of there. I have scanned previous posts and haven't seen anything about this hospital.
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Re: st. mary mercy hospital in livonia

  • I had a friend deliver out of there and they raved about it.  My son had surgery there too and it was great the short time we were there for him.   You should probably do a tour so you know what to expect and where to go when the time comes.   Congrats on the little one!
  • Thank you! I do plan on the tour, but just thought in the mean time I would gather others opinions too. Thanks again.
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  • I delivered 3 of my 4 children there. My experiences were great, but I would not deliver there again because I would be considered high risk. With my last birth(6+ years ago), I had to stay longer due to a complication, and they forgot to bring meals to me for 2 days, they forgot breakfast and dinner, and because the kitchen was closed, I had to call DH to bring me food. Another thing I didn't like was that if you deliver after 6-7pm the kitchen closed and you were without food. A sweet nurse gave her lunch to me she had brought from home, luckily she was a vegetarian like myself. After 18 hours of labor and not having food at all, once you deliver, you want or need to eat. Things may have changed since I was last there in 2003. Also, the newborn photographer was only there for 1 of my 3 deliveries, I really like getting those fresh newborn pics from the hospital. They were very apolygetic for missing me during mealtime, and gave me a $100 Honey Baked Ham Giftcard upon discharge.

    I did like that all the rooms were private and you stay in the same room for your entire stay. The rooms were nice, but could use an decor update now that things have changed, the rooms aren't too outdated though.

    Hopefully they have revised there meal program.


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  • I did, as that was the only place my doctors delivered. 

    I have nothing but positive things to say about them.  I loved having just 1 place/room the entire time, and they are private, so no sharing.  As for the decor, I didn't notice, but it's a hospital, not a hotel, so I wasn't expecting much.  The rooms are spacious compared to some other hospitals.  When we did the hospital tour a few couples had toured other places and mentioned how St. Mary was way bigger then the other places. 

    I guess the only negative was the photographer.  Unlike organicmama, I was annoyed by the hospital photographer, so much that I actually wrote a letter to the hospital complaining about her.  She was so pushy (gee, I just had a baby and am on drugs for high blood pressure, sorry I didn't fit into your schedule!).  Total salesperson, and I'm sorry, but I'm not in the mood for that right now.  Plus I couldn't believe how high the prices were, and you couldn't just order a single picture.  We were fine getting pictures off our digital camera. 

    I did all the classes: child care, tour, etc. that they offered.

    The nurses were wonderful, caring & helpful.  When we have our next baby, whenever that is, I have no hesitations going back there.

    Page me or email me if you have any other questions:

    broncoalum97 at yahoo dot com



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  • Thank you so much for the input. I love the first hand knowledge. You can only get so much info from a tour.
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  • I also delivered there and had a wonderful experience.  Like the previous posts have mentioned, the rooms are really big and private, which is wonderful.  All of the nurses were very friendly and knowledgeable.  And I also thought that the lactation consultant on staff was great - very patient and helpful. 

     Good luck!

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