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Pregnancy symptoms?

How soon after conception (approximately) did you start feeling pregnancy symptoms? What did you feel like? I'm not pregnant yet, but we have started "rolling the dice" as my H says, i.e., not using any form of BC.

Re: Pregnancy symptoms?

  • I'm not sure how long it was after conception since we weren't really charting, but right about the time my period was expected my chest was really hurting and sensitive.  I had some light brown spotting the week my period was supposed to start, which I thought was my period.  Other than that, I didn't really feel too different!  I also took tests that were all negative the week before my expected period, so I was really suprised when I got a positive! 

    Good Luck :)

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  • The only symptoms that I noticed was I had cramping a few days before AF was to start so I thought it was coming. I normally don't get cramps until the day it is to start. However, my DH just knew I was pg about a week before AF. He noticed that I was really tired all the time and taking naps and in the 3.5 years we lived together I maybe took a nap once and I kept wanting to take naps that week.

    I also tested 4 days before AF was to come and got a negative so don't waste your money testing to early. It will just get your hopes down. DH thought we were out that cycle so he didn't believe me when I got a positive when I was a day late and he had to run to the store to buy two more tests to make sure.

    ETA - I was charting and believe I O'ed on day 16 and felt the cramps on cd 26 and felt tired around cd 22. I usually had 28 day cycles

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  • I felt nothing out of the ordinary, whether that be a blessing or a curse.  I had no unusual cramping, no m/s, no fatigue, etc.  I was shocked when I got my BFP and would have bet crazy amounts of money that cycle was a bust.  As hard as it is, try not to read into anything or else you'll drive yourself crazy.  Many "symptoms" early in pregnancy can easily be AF symptoms as well

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  • About a week before my period I experience breast tenderness which is unusual for my periods. Also, I had some cramping but usually I get some before I actually start; and the bloated feeling just made me wonder. The day after I missed my period I took a pg test and it was positive.
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  • I had cramping and breast tenderness 1 week before my period.  I tested 4 or 5 days early and got a positive reading.  I was going in for a treatment that i need to know if i was pg or not.  i also had to pee more. i also ran a half marathon at that time and felt awful.  It took me 2 days to recover which is not normal for me.
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  • My period was a few days late, so I immediately took a pregnancy test and found out.  I didn't have too many symptoms right in the beginning, but soon after I took the test I started getting nausea on and off.  And I was getting tired very easily too.

    Of course everyone is different, so you may experience something totally different.  I do regret drinking on a few occasions before I knew.  So something to think about for sure. 


  • I can say for me it was a shock to find out i was really pregnant my bf and i have only been together for about a year and all my doctors before said i could never have kids or at least it would be really hard cuz i have alot of women issues cysts on my ovaries mainly but around the time my period was suppose to come i felt all the normal signs of pms, cramps, breast tenderness, not wanting to eat. i waited till the day i was suppose to have my period yet feeling like it wasen't coming so i told my bf lets go to the store we bought 3 and i used them all within 2 days time all were positive i still wasen't convinced and neither was my bf lol i went to the health dept and they told me i was so even if you still have the symtoms of pms i think ur guy instinct will tell you forsure if you are or not. and if you don't have any symtoms yet don't be concerned i'm 8 week right now and just started getting the morning sickness it all depends on the person i think cuz we all are diffrent. good luck to you .
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