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When do babies need to start wearing shoes?

DD is barefoot in the summer on days that we are at home but she goes to daycare 2 day/week.  I know they request to have the babies in socks or shoes rather than barefoot there.  Now that she is crawling do I need to buy the soft baby shoes for daycare days or get non-slip socks?  I'm fine if it's a safety issue or if it will help her get around better but I don't want to spend the money if I can hold off for a while.

Re: When do babies need to start wearing shoes?

  • Non skid socks.  No need for shoes until she is walking around outside.  It is a wives' tale that babies need to learn to walk in hard sole shoes, the reality is they need to be in socks or barefoot to learn to walk.
  • Our babies are about the same ago... we've tried shoes a few times but they always end up off his foot and in his mouth =)
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    When ds was your dd's age, we had him either in the non-skid socks or the soft shoes. We got the cheap version of Robeez at Target. The only time we put him in 'real' shoes was if we were going outside (it was winter at that point). You only need to move to hard soled shoes when they are actually walking outside.
  • If your daycare doesn't require shoes then just put her in socks.. I remember there was a nestie whose daycare made her put shoes on her DD once she moved up to the 2nd level infant room around 6 mos.. which I thought was SO silly..
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