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AW: Almost down to my pp weight already!

Yay! Most was swelling along with my nearly 10lb baby......but I was 170 just before my c section....and I am down to 137!

So exciting, now to figure out how to get rid of the fluff!

Re: AW: Almost down to my pp weight already!

  • Good for you girl! Justin is 8 months and I still am trying to figure out the whole "toning" part of pp weight loss.
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  • That is so awsome!  I just stared fitting into my pp jeans last week!
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    That's great! It took about 9 months to get all my pg weight off. Now I'm working on the extra 20 lbs. I had on me from before I was pg.
  • Wow!  That's terrific!

  • Thats awesome. I was lost my baby weight really quick too.. I was actually below my Pre pg weight at about 2 weeks out.. BUT.. I weighed myself last night and i've gained it all back! I was 8-10 lb BELOW my prepg weight.. and now I'm back at it.. not fair.
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