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Legoland ?

I was wondering if Legoland would be a good choice for a 3.5 yr old.  He is taller than the 36" requirement but I am still wondering if there would be enough for him to do. Any advice or thoughts?


Re: Legoland ?

  • Funny that you post this now. My friend, whom I just visited yesterday, took her 2.5 year old to LegoLand and said it was a complete waste for that age. I asked her why and she said it was SUPER spendy and that only got you to a certain part of the park and if you wanted to go further you had to pay more. She also said she thought 5-7 is the target market for that park.

    I have not personally been and I hope you get more responses than just mine.

    Good luck!
  • I have been, and Id say your son's age is the youngest it would be good for.  I'd say 4-7 is the best, but if he is tall enough for most of the rides, then I say go!  You can always go back again when he is older.
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