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Infant CPR/First Aid Class

Anyone take one that you recommend? Thanks!

Re: Infant CPR/First Aid Class

  • A friend of mine just took an Infant CPR class together with her husband at the Verdugo Hills Hospital. Call the hospital the is closest to you and ask them if they offer such classes. HTH
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  • we took ours in one of the Mission hospitals... and I highly recommend taking it before you have the baby... and may be a refresher course later...

    DH and I took the course when I was 8months pregnant... hoping we would never have to use it... but you never know with those little ones... 

    well just couple of weeks ago, I had a little scare... DS is eating solids and starting to explore with finger foods... well just Cheerios... he had no teeth then so I would even break that up into 4.... and he was not good at putting em into his mouth yet... well that day turned out to be the day he succeded in getting one into his mouth.... and he didn't wait for it to desolve.... I turned to grab a banana for him and he started making that awful noise.... gagging and choking... I immediatly grabbed him out of the high chair and stuck my finger into his mouth and swiped to any food and had him on his chest and had to hit it out of him... 

    well... I guess that helped move the cheerios out of the wrong pipe or at least got it passed his throat... DS started coughing and he was fine.... 

    I know it wasn't a big piece but still that awful noise of your child not being able to breath will scare you half to death! I would say that was the slowest 10 seconds of my life... it felt like for hours.... and I was really glad that Infant CPR class came back to be that fast! since it had been at least 10months since we took the course.... 

    so just to be safe... since DS is crowling and picking things up regularly now... DH, FIL, MIL and I are all going to take a Infant CPR class again.

    so either you take it at your hospital which is sponsored by Red Cross or other organization, just take one.


    (sorry, I hope this didn't scare you)

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