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Mom group in Washington/Macomb/Shelby area

Good morning all,

I am due with my first LO in mid September.  I am looking for a Mom group, new and experienced in the area.  I am willing to start one if there isn't one around.  I'm just looking for social, learning, and people to share the experiences with, good and challenging.

Please let me know if such a group exists or if there is interest in starting one:)



Re: Mom group in Washington/Macomb/Shelby area

  • There's a macomb mom's group through  I had joined that, but found the majority of events were geared towards toddlers and were during the week, so it doesn't work out well if you're a working mom.  If you find something else or start one up, let me know.  I'm very interested.

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  • The only one I know of is Macomb Moms on, like Renee said.  I am a member but haven't gone to anything since last year.  The group is so large (there has to be over a 100 members, I would guess) that it overwhelmed me even though everyone seemed nice to me.  I would love to join a smaller group.
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  • I would be interested in joining one.
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  • kem717kem717 member
    I agree with PP.  I joined the Macomb Moms group at the end of May.  I have gone to one thing (only one other mom was there) and am going to one this week.  I work PT so I am able to make some things during the week.  But like PP said, they are geared towards toddlers and small kids.  DD is too young for most things they do!  Keep me posted if you start something up!
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  • Ditto... I would love to join a smaller group. Keep us posted Big Smile
  • I would love to join a smaller group too
  • I would love to join a smaller group too. I am in the Sterling Heights area, let me know if you do start something!
  • Check on, that's where I joined my group (we're in the Northville/Novi/Livonia area one).  If there's not one, you can start your own. 


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  • I checked out the website that Broncoalum recommended and theres actually a few groups close to me (Sterling Heights) is anyone interested in joining those? If not let me know and I would be willing to put together a group for us bumpies!


  • I'm in Shelby now and would totally be interested! :)
  • I would be interested in joining.  I work in Shelby/Washington area.  I have a 5 year old and am due with #2 in Sept.  I also work full time so days would probably be rough for me.
  • Hi -

    I live in Sterling Heights and would be interested in a group. We are expecting our first in Dec and we are both from out of state originally so it would be great to have some "mommy" friends :)

    Let me know.



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