GTKYF: What brought you to this board

Just curious since we've had quite a few new faces lately...

Re: GTKYF: What brought you to this board

  • I have two reasons:  I was adopted and we did Kinship Adoption (not listed) which the process was most similar to a Foster/Adopt situation.
  • Sorry, I totally had a brain fart, I added another one at the bottom.
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  • I said other because I'm not sure where an actively waiting PAP would fit. I wouldn't say we're "looking into" - we're way past that.

  • I put ETC because I have multiple reasons.  My family did foster care and foster to adopt when I was little, my sister was adopted, my oldest daughter is adopted from Russia, and we may look into adopting another child, how or from where yet to be determined, in the future.  Also I was just curious.
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  • GBCKGBCK member

    option 1.

    we're not quite at a place where we're making decisions.  But I"m nosy like that and so I lurky-loo.

  • I fit into a few of those categories...I am adopted, we're doing adoption through foster care may eventually switch to domestic adoption, and I used to be a caseworker(social worker) for human services so I know the foster care system way too well
  • we're just beginning the process of adopting from Russia and i don't know anyone IRL who has experience with IA.
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  • I chose other as foster parents without the specific goal of adoption.
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