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OT: Ann Arbor Salon recommendation

I live in the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area and looking for a new salon. Could you please recommend your stylist/salon?! TIA

Re: OT: Ann Arbor Salon recommendation

  • Hi there..l lived in Chicago until January and had the hardest time finding someone when I moved to the area. I found the best best salon/ stylist/colorist!  Mona Lisa Salon in downtown Dexter (only a couple of miles from DT AA)  Phil is my stylist!  Love him!  I am super picky.  He gives great cuts!
  • I work in Ann Arbor and a girl I work with goes to see him. Her hair is always super cute and she raves about him. I will have to try him out!
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  • Brown and Deline is a great salone in A2, I think that there are several locations but anyone would be great !
  • Thank you for your recommendation, Baileys! I have an appointment with Phil next week! I will let you know how it goes. The receptionist said that he is probably one of the best ones there! I appreciate your help!


  • Happy to hear it.... he's gonna have all the pregnant ladies....I ahve to put it on my ticker...I am also 5 weeks along!
  • Awesome! Congrats on baby #2! I had to cancel my appt with Phil last minute but planning on rescheduling real soon. Where in Chicago did you live? I lived there for about 3 years in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park area right off of Belmont. What a great city! I miss it tremendously! I would move back in a heart beat if I could!
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