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Fertility Specialist in Dearborn

My OB has said that she would recommend a fertility specialist to me.  At the time I told her I wanted to talk to my husband to see if we would go that route or just go on to adoption.  Since then, we decided to try a fertility specialist and than go from there.  

Anyway, I haven't seen my Dr since we made this decision so I don't know who she will recommend. So I was just curious to see if anyone would recommend their Dr if they needed to see a fertility specialist.  

My OB is in Dearborn and I think she told me her recommendation would also be a Dearborn Dr. 

I doubt that our insurance will cover much, if any of the cost for one, which is not a problem for us.  


Re: Fertility Specialist in Dearborn

  • Dr. Maria Hayes.

    I think she practices out of Oakwood hospital. I did not use her but good friends of mine did. I know she was very well liked and they had great success (they are now parents of 2 healthy babies!)

    Here's her info:

    MI Comprehensive Fertility Center

    18181 Oakwood Blvd, Ste 109
    Dearborn, MI  48124
    Phone 313-299-6650
    Fax 313-299-6651

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  • I see Dr. Jones at MI Comprehensive Fertility Center and so far I really like him and the office.  My doctor originally referred be to Dr. Hayes but Dr. Jones sees patients in the Novi location which is closer to my house.
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