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White Noise Machines?

I know I read on the bump people either loving or hating on the white noise machines.  But at the time I read it, I was in 1st or 2nd tri, and didn't look into it too much.  From what I gather, it is a miracle machine to help some babies sleep.  But I know I read a few posts about people saying it can increase chance of sids?  Can someone clear this up?

Re: White Noise Machines?

  • Whoa- I never heard anything about SIDS and noise machines, how scary! Justin has one of those Homedics sound machines with a projector on it. It does; rain, heartbeat and like 5 lullabyes. I swear by the thing- we even bring it with us on vacation. We leave the heartbeat on all night.
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  • Yes, Homedics is the one that I think they call the Baby Crack Machine over on the bump (in a positive way).

    And I don't know, I read about the sids thing months ago, and it just keeps nagging me but I can't find any information on it, so I might just be confused.

  • Ok, I have been trying to google it for a while, and nothing comes up, so I am probably confused and not remembering what I read correctly.  Which is good, since I am sure we will want to get one to help the baby (and us) sleep!

  • We just use a fan in DD's room.  It provides the white noise, and the air circulation is good to reduce SIDS.
  • We just have a sleep sheep.. but i kind of would like one of those baby crack machines.
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  • i tried so hard to find a baby crack machine at target but I can't find them.  i got the homedics one from walgreens.  we leave the waterfall on all night.  i have taken it with me both times we've gon to pittsburgh
  • This is the baby crack machine.  for white noise we use the ocean sound turned way up and it works.  He's not really into the music or the projector yet, but I think he'll love those when he's a little older. 
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