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Weird question..can baby's movement cause gas?

I ask because I keep feeling those little thuds and flutters down in my lower abdomen, but then I always seem to have gas at the same time. The odd thing is that I don't recall ever feeling gas in that spot or that way before?

Is it possible that when the LO kicks around, it causes gas bubbles to move around too? Anyone else have this same thing happen or am I a bit off my rocker :) ?

Re: Weird question..can baby's movement cause gas?

  • Have you ever pushed on your stomach when you had gass and then a couple minutes later let some out and felt a lot better? I'm sure w/ the bouncing around of baby and the less room in your belly that it has something to do with it. PLUS when you are pregnant you tend to have more gas then usual.
  • That's a good question - I actually notice the same thing.  Since I'm 16 wks now I'd "think" that I should be feeling something (or at least I'm hoping I feel the LO soon) - so maybe that's really them just making us fart! LOL  That would be great if that was the case because then I could blame the LO instead of the dog! LOL ;o)
  • Hmmm it could just be that since your organs have shifted around what you're feeling is gas since it ends in gas...or it could be flutters, I really don't know.  When Carter moves around all I feel is him...when I have gas, all I feel is that, it's gotten a lot easier to tell the difference.  I never had them coinciding though, but I guess everyone is different.
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  • Baby is squishing your insides, so I would imagine that the movement in there is pushing gas out. Either that or the flutters you think are baby are actually gas to begin with. They feel very similar. You may not have noticed before because you weren't actively paying attention to how your stomach felt in that area.

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  • sgrlsgrl member
    I think that the baby's movement CAN cause gas to be released! That's my theory based on my observation of myself.
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  • I agree with pp that due to limited space in there (though you still probably have a lot of room yet, since you're almost 16 weeks and I'm assuming this is your 1st) you feel the gas bubbles more. If you feel something like gas bubbles but have no gas, then it's likely baby!
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  • At first I think it must be gas, but I'm trying to figure out if it could actually be the baby and then I get gas from it because it seems to happen in that one spot.

    This is actually #3 (#4 if you count an ectopic last summer) for me, but it's been 12 years since my last baby, so I can't remember anymore!

    Thanks for your input! I love reading everyone's responses :)

  • I was wondering that today lol. Mr. Will decided to move across my uterus and gave me the worst case of gas... Embarrassed
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