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Prenatal Vitamins

I went to my OB yesterday & told her we were TTC.  She gave me a presription for prenatal vitamins, but said that since I was already taking a daily multivitamin I didn't necessarily NEED the PNV - it was optional at this point.  I'm just trying to decide if I should go ahead & get myself to the pharmacy or just wait until I actually get a BFP.  Anyone have any thoughts/advice?  Just curious...


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  • You may want to try the prenatals to see how they make you feel.  They made me sick to my stomach, so I take Flintstones.
  • I was going to say compare what's in the two of them - but then I just realized you need to fill the rx to do that.  I would probably just continue taking your multivitamin and when you get the bfp switch to prenatal.  I would start taking a DHA supplement too though.  You can get them at Target.
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  • Just make sure you get at least 400 mg of folic acid a day. That's good to take while TTC! Good luck!
  • Agree- as long as your multivitamin covers the folic acid, it's good for now.  Actually my OB never switched me to an official "pre-natal" because I brought in my multivitamins to her and they were complete enough once I started taking the separate omega-3.
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  • I switched from my normal daily multivitamin to an OTC prenatal as soon as I knew we were TTC.   I took the prenatals until we conceived, about 6 months later.  If you want to switch to prescription prenatals after you conceive you have that option, but I just added a DHA supplement to the prenatal I was taking after my first doctor's appointment.
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