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Relocating to San Antonio - daycare/pediatrician recs?

Hi ladies!

My husband and I will be relocating from the Washington, DC area to San Antonio some time this fall - hopefully by late Sept/early Oct.  We will miss DC but are excited to start a new chapter of our lives in San Antonio! 

I was wondering if any of you might be able to provide recs for daycare and/or pediatricians?  In terms of location, we've been scouting out some neighborhoods and I think we're probably looking at Alamo Heights/Terrell Hills/Olmos Park and maybe some others.  We like being close-in and those neighborhoods seem great.

Any information on daycare facilities or pediatricians you can recommend is much appreciated. And, if you have recs for anything else in San Antonio, I'm all ears!  We know not a soul in the area and welcome any information about our soon-to-be new city. Thanks!

Re: Relocating to San Antonio - daycare/pediatrician recs?

  • I don't have any good day care recs for that area of town but Carter sees Dr Isham Pauli with Northeast Pediatrics. He is off Stone Oak Blvd (210) 297-4560


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  • I work down in that area and our pediatrician is nearby.  We use Dr. Ornes at NE Pediatrics and really like him. 

    As far as daycares in that area - we toured St. Andrews United Methodist and LOVED it.  Both the infant teachers and the administration were great.  We ended up not going there because we decided we wanted something closer to home rather than close to my work.  They have a pretty long waiting list though, so definitely see if you can get on the list now.

    *ETA:  I just read Lindsay's post and should note that NE Pediatrics also has a location off of 410 near NE Baptist.  That's the office that we go to.

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  • Thanks so much to both of you for the recs.  I will look into them! 
  • I agree with the pp; my LO also sees Dr. Pauli at NE Pedi at the Stone Oak location.  The Dr's in the NE Pedi system are great!  GL on your move to SA!


  • Elise also sees Dr. Pauli :) 

    I don't have any info on daycares for that area though, sorry! AH, Terrell Hills, and Olmos are wonderful areas though!!! GL on your search and welcome to SA! You'll be moving here during the best time of year, IMO! We have awesome falls and winters; leave your snowshoes behind! :) 

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  • If you're going to be in the Alamo Heights area, AH UMC may have a good day care program.
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  • I also wanted to tell you a pediatric practice to avoid... I have been told by 7 close friends and coworkers to avoid ABCD Pediatrics on Stone Oak. All reported 3 hour waits, no returned calls, poor service,  delayed hospital visits and that they messed up their billing.


  • Thank you all so much for the recommendations (and the warning!) -- it's so helpful.  We're so excited about the move and definitely looking forward to much warmer winters!  :)
  • I don't have any recs for a pediatrician or daycare, I'm currently pregnant and haven't gotten that far.  But... my husband and I just moved to SA from Austin about a year ago and we live in Terrell Heights and we love it here.  We also didn't know a soul when we moved to SA, but feel very comfortable here!  Thought you might like to know :)
  • happy2b - don't know if you'll even see this since it's been several days since you posted, but just wanted to say thanks.  It's great to know that others have had good experiences in relocating to San Antonio.  I'm not totally surprised given all the great things I hear about the city.  Can't wait to get there!
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