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I've been married for 3 1/2 years. Before we got married, DH and I discussed having both biological and adopted children. Just before our 1 year anniversary, we were told we may never have children on our own due to severe endometriosis. We've been battling that disease ever since, but now that we feel we have it somewhat under our belts we are ready to adopt. Last week (after months of discussion) we made it 'official' with each other that we will spend the rest of this year researching the different methods of adoption. By January, we hope to have actually started the ball rolling on giving a child a home. I'll probably mostly lurk for now, as I've got a stack of books here to read and educate myself, but I can't wait to get to know all of you.

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  • Welcome to the board - it is a great resource for info on all types of adoption.


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  • Welcome and we'll look forward to getting to know you too! 
  • Hi there!  Welcome to the board!   I too have Endo..


    There's another new person a few posts down  that had alot of good responses.  Now that you've come out of lurk-dom, you have to stay active, feel free to ask questions and get involved....again, WELCOME!


  • Welcome- I recently have "come out" too. Everyone here is very nice and supportive.
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  • Welcome to the board. Feel free to lurk AND post!
  • Welcome! Nice to meet you!
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  • Welcome! You've come to a great board for info and support. I'm not a big poster but when I have a question or just need to vent this is the first place I come because I have gotten such great response.
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  • Hi May!
    Are you MayM from the LA boards?
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  • WelcomeWink
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    Thanks for the warm welcome!

    I've got Adoption for Dummies and a whole bunch of other books here that I'm dying to start in on. Another nestie was kind enough to pass then onto me. I'm sure as I get started, I'll have lots of questions. ;-)

    Silliestbunny-yes, I pop in on the LA boards every once in awhile. I'm also known to post on 3TC. 

  • hi and welcome!

    this is a great board with lots of support.

    So sorry about your endo, i too have it. Sux arse. 

  • Congrats! At the end of that big stack of books you are reading about adoption add a few that are about babies! lol I think I read a dozen books or more ... then we got matched and I realized I spent the whole 'journey' learning about adoption but not really reading a lot of actual 'baby books'!

    Realize that every writer and individual who has an interest in adoption also has their own biases and agenda - this doesn't make them bad or good - just something to keep in mind.

    This board is a great resource. NO LURKING! You came out of the wood and now you must stay! :-)

  • MayM-  feel free to page me if you want to chat about our journey thus far in SoCal.  

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