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Day Care Allston/Brookline/Fenway area

Right now, my daughter is at a Bright Horizons center. With a second on the way, I need to find a new center, preferably one with a multi-child discount.  As much as I'd love to, I can't afford to put them both in Bright Horizons.

I am TERRIFIED of moving my daughter to an "unknown" center.  I've been looking at a small center in the Brookline area, Sunshine Academy, which will save me about $400/month.  I've already been on a tour - what else can I do to check out this place?  I tried to Google, but nothing really came up.

Anyone from the Allston/Brookline/Fenway area have a good recommendation for day care?

Re: Day Care Allston/Brookline/Fenway area

  • Our child is at Friends DayCare in Brookline and we have been really happy.  The teachers are great, caring and knowledgeable.  I would recommend checking them out.  The prices are comparable to Sunshine, except you might be able to get an even larger discount because you pay basically down to the minute.  Just food for thought.  We also checked out knowledge beginnings and we really like it and its less pricey than the other two -- but we just got off the waiting list and decided not to uproot our child.
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