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Are you a desert rat mommy??

Hi there, so this topic stems from my last post regarding taking a babymoon. That's definitely not happening for us, but my hubby & I are major desert lovers. We'll usually take 6 to 10 trips out each winter to go off-roading & camping. So our little boy is due to be here on Sept 30th and I've brought up the suggestion of taking him out with us this winter for a trip to the desert. He'd be about 4 months old before I would attempt this but I just wanted to know if anyone else here has any experience taking their little one out to the desert so soon? We've got a friend who has a trailer that sleeps 8 & they have a 1yr old son who would also be going with us. I think it would be fun... but hubby thinks not. Anyone have input?

Re: Are you a desert rat mommy??

  • If you do not have your own trailer/motorhome then I dont think it would be fun. I am only 10 weeks prego with my first but I grew up out there and to me it would be different with someone elses motorhome. Up to you though..



  • If you are close with this friend, I would definitely do it.  I don't see any problem with having a 4 month old in the desert in the winter.  I would just make sure I'm very comfortable living with these people 24 hours a day.
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