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If you have a low kick count what do they do at the OB office?

I have a low kick count, she's just not moving much today.  We stopped at DH's work and got an ultrasound, her heart rate's fine.  But I'm curious, for any of you that have gone in because of a low kick count, what they checked?  Thanks!

Re: If you have a low kick count what do they do at the OB office?

  • same thing here .. ::sits back and waits for answers::
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  • I had this earlier this week and went in for a NST.  Basically they just monitored me for around 30 minutes to make sure the baby's heart rate was moving up and down based on his movements. 
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  • This happened to me Monday.  The story is in my blog.

    Cliffs notes:

    They checked the heartbeat, my cervix, and did an u/s.

    They had me drink a LOT of ice water.  Like 3 20oz sized ice waters.

    The water got her moving.

    FWIW, Tuesday she didn't move much either, Wednesday - Today she's been moving a lot more.

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  • Oh, they also checked my urine to see if I had a UTI, which I didn't and I'm not sure why they thought that could be the cause for loss of movement.
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  • I went to L&D a few weeks ago because LO was not moving like normal. They hooked me up to two machines: One for the babies heartrate and one for contractions (& movement I think). They also gave me a little button to push everytime that I felt him move. They monitored these things for two hours and he was, of course, moving around once we got there. Then they did an ultrasound and had a checklist of things they were looking for including movement, some sort of breathing, fluid levels, a lot more things that I don't remember. My hospital is a teaching hospital so the lead Dr. was explaining everything she did to her students.?

    ?Once they had everything they needed they sent us home! Cold beverages, sugary drinks, and just laying still usually get my baby moving. Hope this helps!??

  • After having low kick count, did you drink some water, eat or drink something sweet, and lay on your left side to do another kick count?  Did you do the kick count in a time that the baby is normally active?  That is usually the information that an OB wants to know if you call in reporting reduced movement.  If you try all of those things and still have low numbers, you should call or go into your OB/L&D immediately.

    Reduced movement is never something to take lightly, but try a few of the tricks to get LO moving to see if maybe he/she is just relaxing a little bit.

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    There are other things to look at like the heart rate over a period of time - 15-30 minutes.  So it is not just the heart rate but the steadiness of it.  They might also look at your water levels.  It is a non stress test at the hospital.
  • I had this happen to me too. They did an NST (non-stress test) which is where they hook you up to two monitors (they show baby's heartrate, contractions, baby's movement, etc.) and they just watch. The first 20 minutes my baby didn't move. So they gave me a juice and had me roll on my side. Baby moved right away.

    Try a suggary drink and laying on your side and then start your kick counts again. It might help!

  • They'll put you on a monitor and have your relax - drink something cold (water) and the machine and you count the kicks.  They're looking for at least 10 kicks per hour.  In additon, they'll monitor the heart beat.  They know the baby is resting if it is under 160 so they'll push on you a lot to wake it up.
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