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One year old birthday gift from grandparents

Meaning they'll probably spend a little more than the $20-30 I usually spend on birthday gifts.  :-)  MIL bought my older son a PBK Anywhere Chair for his 1st birthday, and he still loves it.  Our younger one likes to climb onto it as well.  MIL offered to buy him one as well for his 1st birthday, but I'm not sure if we need two of these bad boys.

WDYT?  Lame to have two anywhere chairs side by side?  We keep the one we have in the play area where the boys always play.

If not (which is where I'm leaning), what other gift would you suggest?  We have a cozy coupe already and a couple of other ride ons, so I don't think we need another one of those.

What I really want is a train table, but that's more for the older one.

Re: One year old birthday gift from grandparents

  • I don't think 2 Anywhere Chairs is weird... 2 kids, 2 chairs!

    We got Max a Radio Flyer wagon.... from grandparents he got a book and a savings bond (FIL  and step-MIL), a music train thing (my parents) and a box of misc. crap (*eyeroll* MIL)

  • I don't think that having two chairs is odd, especially if they both want to sit in it at the same time and that may cause conflict. However if they are sharing well then it may not be needed.

    I think a train table is a great idea, even if S doesn't use it RIGHT now, he will grow into it and appreciate it later. Otherwise do you have any zoo's nearby you want membership passes to ?

  • What do you all think of the PBK adironrack(sp?) chair?  I've considered getting one of those for our deck since he's a summer baby.  But again, would they fight over it and I'd want 2?  I might take them to the mall today and check it out.
  • I get the second chair....I don't think 2 chairs is weird at all.
  • I'd do the second PBK chair (we'll be getting Jake one) and then get the boys the train table for Christmas!!

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