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Recommend new OB and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Doctor?

I'll be moving to Fountain Hills, AZ soon. I'm told Phoenix has awesome OB docs. 13 weeks pregnant.


I'm looking for a new OB in the Phoenix Metro area. Any recommendations?

 Gender doesn't matter to me. I just want someone who will actually listen, try to work with you and give you all the options.

My OB recommended Lee Koon- any reviews?


Also need to find a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Doc too. No recommendations from my doc there but do need to be seen quickly after arrival. Need a 6 week appointment which is like a week or two after I arrive due to Birth Defect Possibilities.


Re: Recommend new OB and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Doctor?

  • I love all of the doctors at Maricopa OBGYN.  They are amazing, though it might be a bit of a drive for you.  Their office is at 16th Street and Camelback.
  • Thanks for the recommendation. The drive is fine. I currently drive 45 mins to my current OB's office. No worries on that. :D
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  • Camelback Women's Health is also a good practice. It's located at Tatum and Cactus.
  • I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant, and I switched to a new OB - Dr. Deka when I was 30 weeks along.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this woman.  However, she hasn't delivered me yet, so we'll find out. Otherwise, she listens to you.  She doesn't make you wait.  She answers all your questions.  Her office staff is really nice.  

     She's at Paradise Valley OB/GYN at 480-443-4437.  

     Tell her Christi recommended you. 

  •  Lee Koon is a doc at my office, desert west ob/gyn. Awesome office and doctors but you are literally on the other side of the world from them and the hospital they deliver at is too

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  • KadyraKadyra member

    Phoenix Perinatal Associates or PPA is the largest MFM group in town and they will likely have an office close to where you are. 

    Julie Kwatra is good and her partner... I forget her first name, but her last name is Heathcott is also good and pretty nice.  They work out of Scottsdale Shea Medical Center.  That is reasonably close to Fountain Hills.  They graduated from my residency program, so I am biased.

     Scottsdale Shea has a level 3 NICU so your baby would be well taken care of, except if it needed some kind of specialty surgery right away.  Then it'd get flown out to Pheonix Children's or St. Joseph's depending on what was needed.

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  • I go to Phoenix Perinatal Associates. They are specialists in maternal fetal medicine. They have offices all over the valley, including downtown Phoenix. Just google them and you'll find their website.  Good luck!


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