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Is this too much change at once?

Carys is 23 months right now, 4 weeks ago I weaned her from breastfeeding, the same week she stopped co sleeping and went into her crib in our room, was actually way easier than I thought, she hasn' tfought it at all. Well with the baby coming and we only have 2 bedrooms we moved her new toddler bed into her older sisters room, most nights she comes walking down the hall crying at 3-4am, last night she didn't and her and her sister both slept until almost 11! Well we were going to start PT now but we're worried with the new baby coming in 4+ months that we could throw everything off and she'll regress. Any advice? Any BTDT?

Re: Is this too much change at once?

  • Well, I'm the resident pushy PT PITA around here....  so my answer to this won't be a surprise...

    I think it certainly wouldn't hurt to try!  Sleeping/pottying are very separate things, KWIM?  So I can't see any harm in giving it a shot.  You might be pleasantly surprised. 


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  • fwiw, DD#1 was potty trained in December and did great - very few accidents. Then DD#2 was born in March and we had a LOT of regression. Part (okay most) of it was due to the fact that I lost a lot of blood and was really weak, so I didn't keep on her about going in the potty. She went back to diapers/pull-ups full time for a while. A few weeks ago, we started talking about being in big girl panties and she basically did it herself.

    It does seem like it could be a lot, but if you think she can handle it, she probably can. It's definitely worth a shot!

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  • I would hold on on PTing for now unless she is really show true signs of being ready.
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