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Anyone been?  I'm trying to get both girls into classes, but we've been so busy with everything that I've put it off.

Re: Gymboree?

  • We went to one... it was ok, but we definitely didn't love it.  And it was so ridiculously expensive.  We never joined.

    We have gone to Kindermusik every week since DD was 7 or 8 months, though.  We *love* it.  I've enjoyed watching it shape her into the considerate, tidy, joyful person she is today.

    Anyway, definitely do the free trials  that Gymboree offers.  But don't commit till you've actually given it a shot.

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  • Thanks, I just went to the Kindermusik website and found a location right down the street!
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  • Definitely take Kindermusik up on their offer for a free class, too! (check out Music Together while you're trolling around for free intro classes..  ;)

    The fabulousness of any of this programs very often depends a lot on the quality of the instructor.  GL!

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  • we went for a few months.  It was really fun.  the only reason we stopped going is b/c ds switched to the next group and it's always during his naptime.  I miss going.
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  • I took DS from about 7 months old to about 1 1/4 ?years old. The only reason we stopped was because I went back to work. We both loved it. He loved being around all the kids, we loved our instructor, I loved being with the other moms, and in general, it was just a lot of fun! I miss it!
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