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2nd Beta is finally back!

FINALLY heard what my 2nd beta was!!  I had to wait 3 days thanks to stupid weekend lab draws, lol!  On Thursday at 11dpo my hcg was 85, and on Saturday at 13dpo it was 162.  Yay for almost doubling!!  I think it's a good number, they were drawn only 44 hours apart, so I'm not worried about it not quite doubling.  And my doctor said it was a "reassuring number", so I am happy!  Sometime soon I will try to give my formal intro over here, I know several of you from TTCAL and I look forward to getting to know everyone else! 


BFP #1 - 2/1/09-mc 2/5/09 @4wks
BFP #2 - 6/24/09-mc 7/25/09 @8wks
6/09 Dx w/PCOS--Metformin & Progesterone
8/09 Dx w/Compound Hetero MTHFR--Neevo, Metanx & BA
BFP #3 - 1/11/10 - DD1 born 9/16/10 @39w4d, 8lbs 14oz & 20in.
Heparin from BFP to 34wks.
BFP #4 - 10/4/11 - DD2 born 6/2/12 @38w1d, 8lbs 11oz & 21in.
Same med protocol as last time, but heparin continued until delivery.
BFP #5 - 3/30/14, EDC 12/10/14!!
Beta #1-76 (12dpo), Beta #2-238 (14dpo)
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Re: 2nd Beta is finally back!

  • Yay for a great second beta!!
  • Hooray!  That's great news :)

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  • Yay!!!  Glad to hear the great news!

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