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Stuck in the middle?

So we're having a hard time coming up with middle names for the babies. So I just thought I would ask for some help! any feedback would be great!


Boy- Caleb ?

Re: Stuck in the middle?

  • Yay for Gwyneth! haha I guess we're struggling with the middle names for that reason we don't know if there is a certain relatives we would like to honor... we think we might do Gywneth June (after his mom and my deceased Grandma) but poor little Caleb is still missing his middle name! But thanks for the feedback!
  • LOVE Gwyneth...Caleb is OK.
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  • Ooh, I LOVE Gwyneth June! Caleb Michael sounds nice to me.
  • I really like Caleb. Caleb Thomas is on our list. Thomas is a family name. Gwyneth is NMS. Gwyneth Elizabeth is nice.
  • We're thinking about Caleb Christopher
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