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Back from ped Neurologist

So it was a very strange appointment.  Dr. kept making comments about how DD#2 has no stranger anxiety and no fear towards anything.  I just thought that some kids were more cautious then others... Do you know if this could be in relation to anything neurological?
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Re: Back from ped Neurologist

  • i wouldn't think so...but my ds was diagnosed with childhood epilepsy at 7 months and has absolutely zero stranger anxiety. he stays at home with me, so it's not like he is exposed to a zillion people, either. if you find that this is true, i would be really intrigued!
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  • Aren't you seeing him so he can do an eval in response to her Reglan overdose? Looks like he's trying to find anything neurological that could be a result of her overdose.

    Just remember, he's comparing her to what is "normal". But what is normal? Most neuros are quacks themselves.

    One doc kept commenting on my DD's small head, saying it is a sign of mental retardation. I pointed out that everything on her is small. She's in the <1st percentile for height and weight. He disregarded me instead freaking me out about her head size when she was only 3 months old.

    And then as she was screaming her head off (bad colic) "hmmm, she doesn't make eye contact". Whatever.?

    Try to take it all in stride.?

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  • Stranger anxiety is a developmental milestone, so I suppose if she doesn't get it, it *could* be a sign of a developmental delay. That being said, Robbie is extremely friendly and social (despite being kept in a virtual bubble for 7 months) and only very rarely decides he doesn't like someone.

    Some kids ARE just more cautious than others.

  • Sometimes it seems like doctors just say things that they find interesting or quirky without any thought as to how parents dissect and read into every little word.  Sounds like he might have just been making an observation?  Like the other reply's, I wouldn't put too much thought into it.
  • He may have just been glad that your daughter was esy to examine and not terrified of him and screaming and crawling all over you.


    I am sure it gets old for Docs to deal with kids who are terrified of getting near them.  It is probably much more pleasant when a kid is happy to be there. 

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