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OK - we're not going

After tallying your votes and enduring dr. bobsbride's professional heckling (I mean that with love) at tonight's GTG, I decided to go ahead and confront DH on the Wilmington thing. I told him it made me pretty nervous, between the thought of the long drive, the heat and the possibility of delivering so far from home. Aaaannndd...he was totally cool about it. He immediately smiled and told me we don't have to go and that he wasn't so disappointed. He just wants the baby. (Awwww)

Apparently it was me all along that just didn't want to be the party pooper. I generally pride myself on being game for pretty much anything, and I hate to miss out on some fun. But you're right. This one might NOT be so much fun.?

Thanks for talking me out of it ?:)?



Re: OK - we're not going

  • I'm so glad you made that decision - I truly think it is the best one for you guys! Enjoy your weekend home...hopefull you can relax! :)
  • I am so glad you guys decided to stay at home!  Enjoy your weekend, and relax...kick your feet up and enjoy one of you last weekends alone.
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  • I'm glad you are staying home and I'm glad he was totally supportive and fine with it...i'm sure it made it a lot easier knowing he wasn't let down. enjoy yourself and have some couple time this weekend!~!
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  • I wasn't the only heckler =)

    I'm glad he was so cool with it. I'm sure you can find lots of fun things to do close to home this weekend!?

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  • I'm so glad to hear that.  I was really worried about you thinking about going.  It just isn't a good idea.  I'm glad your DH understood and you're not a party pooper!

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  • After my ride home from the hospital today which was only 30 minutes I think you are making a good decision.  Just based on how it felt to even ride in a car after my c/s there is no way I'd want to be that far away.
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