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I'm sorry, but is Jillian...

an IDIOT? I mean COME ON? Who doesn't see right through Wes? I don't get it. I just am more mad at Jillian then I even am at Wes. Wes is a D Bag, end of story. But Jillian buys it! HFETHEOTHIEOfkdLFJLDS!



Re: I'm sorry, but is Jillian...

  • Yep, she clearly is an idiot!
  • Yes she is!  I have been saying that all day!
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  • I thought you were calling me an idiot after 3 people paged me!!! LOL.  Whew- no one else is paging me and it's back to the Bachelorette.  Ok!!!
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  • Totally agree! How can you NOT see right through that loser??!
  • I KNOW!  Ugh.  Did anyone else think that Wes didn't even look happy to be getting a rose?  He didn't look like he wanted it. 

    It's like he said, he got his publicity out of it.  Now he's scared that he's in too deep to come clean.  He's thinking Oh Sh!t....what is my girlfriend going to think now?  lol.

  • I seriously think the producers have a lot to do with who stays.  In the end it may be her decision, but there's no way that one guy just came back on his own, and other guy to tattle on Wes.  It's getting a bit ridiculous. : )
  • I know, right!!!! And she had Jake, who is I think one of the sweetest most honest guys on this planet tell her about Wes and she STILL kept him! I wanted to knock her upside the head!
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