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I just wanted to be friends with the popular girl :-)
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Re: JillAly

  • LOL!!  I thought I started a run on the bank--- or to the physical therapist with my comments about torticollis affecting Brady's running (notice- I didn't use ds because I remember you hate dd and ds as a term- and call your daughter Paige on the boards :)

    Besides- you're the popular one on this board!

    3 IUI's and 2 IVF's later- Brady arrived. Born at 36 weeks after PUPPS and pre-e/HELLP.
    IUI- BFN IVF #1 -BFP! Allie is our 2nd IVF baby. Born at 36 1/2 weeks after pre-e again
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  • lmao! Totally butting in but you guys are so funny :)
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